Here you can find great air duct cleaning tips! Smart ways to keep the ducts and your indoor air cleaner

How long has it been since your air ducts were last cleaned? If you're searching for advice on how to take care of them and how often ducts must be maintained, check out the following tips. They're easy-to-understand and help people when dealing with duct issues

The best air duct cleaning and repair tips! Start enjoying a fresh indoor environment

Clean dryer ducts once a year

Cleaning the dryer vents once a year is necessary, especially if you use the dryer at least once every week. Clothes leave lint behind them, which is accumulated in the dryer vents. If it's not removed, air cannot be transferred outside and the dryer temperatures go up. By cleaning the dryer ducts well, you can avoid problems and fires.

Inspect the condenser unit coil fins for bending regularly

Hot air is released through the coils as part of the HVAC system’s cooling. If the coil fins are bent, the level of ventilation will be reduced considerably and this will make the system less energy-efficient and pose a high risk of damage. That is why they should be repaired as soon as possible. With the right straightening techniques, the coils will get back into their original state.

Minimizing buildup of contaminants and debris in air ducts

Since you can't stop yourself from shedding dead skin, there is little you can do by way of minimizing dust – however, you can regularly clean and check your air vent filters to minimize dust accumulation as much as possible. The proper use of filters also prevents small creatures from getting inside your air ducts. You can also make sure that no one smokes inside the house. If you have an attached garage, you should keep the door closed whenever you're doing some woodwork or if you're working on your car.

Get your air ducts cleaned after asbestos and/or lead paint removal

This is an effective measure for ensuring that no dangerous particles will be circulated around your house by the HVAC system. It is recommended even if you have sealed the registers tightly before the start of the work and have cleaned the rooms properly afterwards. You will also benefit from replacing the air filter, no matter whether it is disposable or permanent.

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