Safer work environment with commercial air vent cleaning service

Is it really necessary to clean your home’s air duct framework? Learn more about the benefits of cleaning ducts with questions answered clearly here.

Why are vacuum cleaners insufficient to clean HVAC systems?

Vacuum cleaners can only reach a finite amount of space, leaving significant traces of germs and debris in your air ducts. It is better to engage the services of expert air duct cleaners to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning of your ventilation system.

Why do the clothes in the dryer take longer to get ready?

This usually happens when there is too much lint built up inside the exhaust vent. Our technicians explain that as the passage for the exhaust air becomes narrower, the appliance works less efficiently. The vent must be thoroughly cleaned straight away to restore the normal operation of the dryer and to reduce the risk of fire.

When is air duct replacement required?

This solution is necessary when there is considerable damage to one or more sections of the duct system. In such cases, this is the only solution for keeping the HVAC system safe and effectively working. The new ducts must have the right size and design plus great strength and durability. Sealing is a mandatory part of the replacement job as it will help to prevent air leaks and contamination.

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