Five Most Common Air Duct Problems

Five Most Common Air Duct Problems

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The airflow in your home can fall victim to a few mishaps that cause poor air circulation throughout it. With winter upon us, no one wants to sit in a freezing room with the heat on full blast, while feeling the same as sitting outside in the elements.Five Most Common Air Duct Problems

Almost Always Airflow

The duct system is not that complicated as it may seem. There is a main unit the air comes from, and then there is the part of the system that actually carries the air through your home.

The main reason one won’t feel the pleasant presence of warm air in these winter months is due to poor air flow and there are many factors that constitute to this, so let’s take a look at a few.

How Is The Insulation

Insulation is the lining in the air duct and in the walls of your home that keeps the hot air from escaping. Think of it like wearing more than one layer of clothing. The more you wear the warmer your body is. Not only does a poor insulated air duct cause a home to lose its warm and toasty feel, it will also be the reason for a high electric bill due to the warm air escaping.

Are The Fans And Filters Clean

Sometimes dust and dirt can accumulate in the system. Fans can become clogged and may need to be blown out to remove most of the debris. Filters will also become clogged and cause air not to pass through as it is supposed to. These should both be checked on a monthly basis.

Check Out Your Connection

If you have poor air travel it could be that one of the ducts is not securely connected to the main unit (or somewhere else along the line) and that may cause less power in air flow.

Is The Duct Crimped

As mentioned, the system goes from the main unit to a certain location in your home. If the duct becomes crimped or jumbled it will not have maximum air passage, therefore, the room that the duct is flowing to will not have the sufficient amount of heat that it requires.

Make Sure To Check For Leaks

If there's a location in your residence that isn’t receiving an efficient amount of warmth due to complications with your duct you could also have a leak. A leak consists of a hole, puncture or a tear in the system that allows warm air to escape.

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed above, it would be a good idea to contact a professional from Air Duct Cleaning Foster City, so you can have warm air flowing through your home during this time of year.

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